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                                           Welcome to Claiborne Farms

We raise Registered Salers and Registered Salers cross Optimizer breeding stock. We firmly believe these cattle will suit the needs of any program whether it is a registered or commercial seed stock business. Our feeding ration consist of a 71% corn gluten, 15% cracked corn, 12% ground corn, 2% cane molasses, from weaning until slaughter on our feeder calves. This ration was formulated by Dr. Warren Gill who is the University of Tennessee Knoxville Animal Nutritionist. Out of our brood cows the calves have all come very small and with no assistance to very minimal assistance needed during calving. The Salers sired calves are born easily and have small triangular heads, long slender bodies, and long skinny legs. This equates to extreme calving ease. Our cattle have low birth weights, high weaning weights, and high yearling weights.  Here at Claiborne Farms we also run a custom back grounding operation where we feed some of our bulls and steers out for freezer beef for private individuals.


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                                                 Our Mission

Claiborne Farms is committed to providing you with top quality Salers and Salers cross Optmizer genetics.

                                                 Company Profile

Claiborne Farms was established in July of 2005 when we purchased seventy acres on Cottonport Road in Dayton, Tennessee. Mr. Claiborne had raised Registered Polled Herefords many years back and had been out of the cattle business many years before starting back up again. Our foray into the Salers business happened as a coincidence. A few years back Mr. Claiborne went to the Tennessee Beef Agribition and upon his return told his wife (Becky) that he had seen, “The best bull he had seen of any breed to date”. He was talking about JCGC Bullet 219M, who at the time was owned by Colmore Farms of Rising Fawn, GA. Mr. Claiborne was so enamored with this bull and this “Salers” breed of cattle that he had to know more. So, Mr. Claiborne contacted Dean Pike who is in charge of Marketing with the American Salers Association. Mr. Pike advised Mr. Claiborne that there was a fellow near him that raised Salers and his name was Joe Colmore. Mr. Claiborne already knew that Colmore Farms owned Bullet and wanted to know more. So, Mr. Claiborne and his wife (Becky) contacted Mr. Colmore in regards to seeing his cattle. From there the rest is history in the making. Mr. Colmore coincidentally enough happens to be a first cousin to Mr. Howard Brooks who is a good friend of Mr. Claiborne. After Mr. Colmore “checked into” Mr. Claiborne with Howard Brooks he invited Mr. Claiborne down to his farm. It was the day that changed Claiborne Farms forever. Mr. Claiborne purchased half interest in TDH Katie 19K, Bullet’s Dam. TDH Katie 19K is one of the premier dams of the Salers breed. After purchasing half interest in this great cow Mr. Claiborne had Dean Pike purchase JCGC Pld Patty 499P a Bullet daughter in Kansas City. Mr. Colmore kept Patty 499P and showed her to several blue ribbons on behalf of Claiborne Farms. From then on we were tried and true Salers breeders. At that point in time we needed more “black hided” cattle to fill the seventy acres that we had purchased. Mr. Claiborne called some relatives in Cookeville, TN to inquire about whether they knew anyone who might have “black hided” cattle for sale. Mr. Claiborne’s uncle (Claude Hyder now deceased) put him in touch with  Mr. Gary Witt. Mr. Witt knew a man in McMinnville, TN that had eighty head of “black hided” cattle. It was a hot day in August when Mr. Claiborne, Mr. Witt, Mr. Hyder, and Mr. Claiborne’s son, Seth, loaded up in Cookeville and went to McMinnville. Upon our arrival we met Mr. Asa Kell of Kell Farm. Mr. Kell had spent a lifetime building this herd and due to bad health and aging he was going to have to disperse it. Right then and there Mr. Claiborne decided he wanted to buy forty of the eighty head Mr. Kell had. Mr. Kell let us pick the forty best mama cows which consisted of six registered Gelbvieh, twenty-one GelbviehXAngus cross cows, eight Commercial Angus cows, and five commercial Brangus cows. All these cows were/are heavy milkers. The Commercial Angus, Commercial Brangus, and GelbviehXAngus cross females were bred to a black registered Gelbvieh bull and the registered Gelbvieh cows were bred to a registered Black Angus bull. After that first year we culled three head for being non satisfactory breeders and replaced them with three replacements thus starting our Salers Optimizer program. We are firm believers in Salers genetics and feel that purebred registered Salers and Salers cross Optimizers are far superior than any other beef breed in production today.  

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